Monday, 24 July 2017



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Backyard Cinema: Miami Beach

Big fan of the cinema and always looking for something unqiue and out of the ordinary to do? We've got just the thing for you.

This weekend we made our way down to the Mercato Metropolitano Italian food market in Borough to experience London's first themed cinema, Backyard Cinema

Already well established with outdoor screenings in churches, Camden Market and festivals, the Backyard has moved to a more permanent home.

Upon entering we thought we were in the wrong place but as soon as you turn the corner, there it is Hotel Miami in all it's Millennial pink glory.


Trade in your shoes for flip flop, feel the sand between your toes - oh yeah, there's real sand - and make your way to South Beach. 


As soon as you enter you're just amazed. How can this place be hidden in an Italian market?! 

We don't want to give too much away about what happens as you just have to see it before you believe it. But what we can say is that we're already planning our second visit.

With a vast choice of films to watch, pretty much everyday, there's a film for everyone. And it's perfect for all events.

Either purchase a ticket for the film and chill out at the Flamingo bar before the film starts or you can choose one of their package deals. We went for the date night package and we were truly spoiled - tickets, bottle of fizz, two bags of popcorn and ice cream. 

It's the perfect surprise and our pictures just don't do it justice.



Diana nailing the trend of the Summer 


Friday, 21 July 2017

The September Issue

The September Issue, the biggest and most influential issue of the year is almost upon us. Year after year we see the biggest names grace the covers of every magazine out there but do we really know why?

September in the fashion world is pretty much the January of the year. We say goodbye to the Summer and look ahead to a fresh start. New collections, new campaigns, everything has a certain buzz around it. It's almost like going back to school.

Made famous, if you like, by the feature film The September Issue back in 2009, which followed American Vogue making their legendary issue with Sienna Miller on the cover. The September issue has been a big deal for much longer than we thought.


Fashion historian Judith Watt from Central Saint Martins has written for British Vogue in the past and she comments on how the issue was bigger in the past that it is today.

"It is traditionally the issue that showed the forthcoming collections. And in a time when women were more conventional with their style, this was their bible."

"Vogue was doing this from 1909 until about the 80s or 90s and showed all the couture styles from the prestigious fashion shows around the world."


"You wouldn't be looking at the magazine to buy the clothes though, you'd be looking at the new dressmaking patterns and then make them yourself."

Watt believes that in today's society "it is famous because of the film."

These issues can be known to push the boundaries so as usual it'll be interesting to see who the Editor's have chosen to make their magazine stand out from the rest.



Kristina channelling the sassy emoji at Coast


KFC does fashion

Something we thought we'd never be writing about, but yep, KFC has ventured into the world of fashion and launches their first collection of 'finger-licking' garms and accessories - and they're already selling out. 

The limited collection includes t-shirts, socks, scarves, badges, pins, sweatshirts and necklaces.


And that's not all. They've thought about everything - home accessories including pillows with the Colonel's face on? There's that too.

They've even gone as far as released a mobile phone.


The limited edition phone in collaboration with Huawei Mobile to celebrate the restaurants 30th anniversary in China can be yours for a reasonable £123. But you'll have to purchase fast as there is only 5,000 units available.

You can shop the full collection here



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