Friday, 28 April 2017

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McDonald's to Deliver


You know the feeling... you've got the hangover of all hangovers and all you want is a Big Mac, large fries and a full fat Coke. But you just can't seem to bring yourself out from your hungover slobbish state. You know the only thing that'll make your hangover better is a trip to McDonald's, but you just can't move. And this just makes matters worse.

But fear not, we will no longer have to put up with this because McDonald's have announced that they will finally start to home deliver! There is a God.

 For the first time, this summer the fast food giants shall be starting a trial run within the UK for home delivery. We will finally be able to enjoy our favourite meals without leaving the comfort of our own home and we can't wait.

"It is no secret we have been looking at the potential of delivery in recent months," a spokesperson told Cosmopolitan. "This service is offered in other markets around the world and its growth within the UK, continues to gather pace. Listening to our customers, we know that this is a route they would like us to explore, and I can confirm that we are looking to launch a small delivery pilot this summer. Specific locations to be included within this pilot are yet to be decided."

Already home delivering in China and Singapore, McDonald's are also expected to launch in America, Canada, France and Germany. It's about time they came to the UK.

We're already counting down the days.

Vogue Spain


We have been featured in an article in May's issue of Vogue Spain. The article looks into the life of a fit model and our director, Gemma, was asked about the fitting industry and what its takes to be a good fit model.

Even if you're not fluent in Spanish, like us, go grab your hands on a copy when it hits newsstands next week! 




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