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Beauty Trend: Bubble Masks

Face masks have become a nig thing as of late. Whether it's a charcoal peel-off exposing all the dirt from within your pores or a luxurious glossy one, we'll do anything to get our skin as clean as possible.

So when we saw the next big thing in face masks we just had to share.


When Emma Tallerud posted pictures of what happens when you apply a carbonated bubble clay mask, the Internet went wild.

As soon as you apply to the skin, it's of a bubbly texture, but it just keeps growing and growing and growing, until you basically turn into a grey cloud.


 Founded in Korea and made from carbonated water and mud, the masks are supposed to clean the pores whilst softly massaging them.

 A word of caution though that many Twitter users have found when wearingt the mask. Don't put anywhere near your nostrils as it will try to 'smother' you.

One user said: 'These oxygen bubble face masks are ridiculously wonderful. 100% looked like a doofus but my skin feels amazing.'

Get yours from Amazon for £8 and be ready to take a ridiculous amount of selfies, snapchats, boomerangs, anything that'll show how much fun these masks can be.

Vogue Spain


Our interview with Vogue Spain is proudly displayed in our office





Yes, yes it is



Thursday, 25 May 2017






10 Tips to Stay Cool in the Heat


It's getting hot. And we mean real hot. We've finally said goodbye to our winter coats and the summer dresses are out. But are we ready for the heat? Are our bodies ready for un-airconditioned spaces? Will we ever climatise to the heat of the tubes? Probably not. But we can try our best efforts. We've put together our top 10 tips to stay cool in the heat.

 Don't fan yourself
You might think that this cools you down, which it does temporarily, but the fanning action itself uses up a lot of energy and will raise your body temperature in the long run. If you are going to fan yourself, stick to using a piece of paper that has a large surface area.

Swap your pillow for feather or down pillows with a cotton pillowcase. Synthetic pillows retain heat and make your nights sleep hotter and more uncomfortable. To get a cooler nights sleep, wrap your pillow in a plastic bag and place in the fridge throughout the day. Your temples are pulse points and cooling these areas will help reduce the temperature throughout your body.
Avoid Big Meals
 Eat small meals and eat more often. Eating more food in one sitting will only make you feel hotter as the digestion process uses more energy and generate body heat.

Shut Your Curtains
When you're not in the house, close your curtains. This might seem like a bad idea, but it will prevent the house from feeling like a greenhouse when you come back in from work.
Light Colours
Pretty obvious but try your best to avoid wearing dark clothing. Yes, we are fully aware that some people just have to wear black, but try mixing it up. Colours haven't been so on trend in such a long time, we must take advantage.
Keep hydrated. There's nothing worse than not drinking enough water and having to face the dreaded tube. Could you just imagine being that person to keel over and cause all those delays?! Nobody wants that. 
Another way to keep cool using water is to dab water on the body parts where heats tends to build up - wrists, temples, elbows and joints.

Aloe Vera
Replace your bldy moisturiser with a cooling aloe vera aftersun. This will help to lower your skin temperature.

 Electrical Items
Turn them off! All they do is emit heat. If you're not using them, then switch them off. You'll notice the difference. Besides, why would you want to be stuck inside watching TV when you could be basking in the heat.

Eat Spicy Food
 This might seem like the worst idea in the world. Why would you want to put yourself through that? Well by eating spicy food this will stimulate heat receptors in the mouth, enhance circulation and cause sweating, which cools down the body. Simples.
So, there you go. Simple yet effective tips to make your life easier and a lot cooler in the summer heat.

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Summer vibes with Dani


Trending: The Aloha Shirt

No longer just for your dad, tourists or your creepy drunk uncle, the tropical shirt is this sumemr's staple item for men. One of the coolest items for the season, you'll be the trendsetter amongst friends if spotted in one of these bad boys.

For a 2017 feel, turn to fresh prints and lightweight fabrics. No need to purchase the matching bottoms, you don't want to go to OTT. Keep the bottom half casual with chinos, smart shorts and jeans.

Be bold this summer and try something you normally wouldn't. After all guys, fashion is about 

Here are some of our favourites:
 Floral Hawaiian Shirt, River Island - £25

Blue Floral Print Short Sleeve Casual Shirt, Topman - £25

Cactus- Print Cotton Shirt, StΓΌssy - £105

Pipeline Short Sleeve Shirt, AllSaints - £85 

Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Shirt in Floral Print Reg Fit, ASOS - £35

Jack & Jones Original Short Sleeve Shirt in Regualr Fit All Over Leaf Print, ASOS - £20



Fits fits fits with Beata


Wednesday, 24 May 2017


  It's no secret that almost every image we see from the fashion industry, whether it be a photoshoot in a magazine or a campaign/advertisement, those images are going to have some sort of photoshopping done to them. We expect nothing less. And we're not even the slightest shocked when a photoshopping scandal emerges. Take the recent Vogue cover issue, where they ended up making Gigi Hadid's arm look like it was never ending in a bid to make plus-size supermodel Ashley Graham smaller. Vogue probably thought they would get away with it, but come on guys. It's 2017, nothing gets past us lot on the Internet.

So when body postivitiy campaigner and model Iskra Lawrence posted a throwback of her modelling for a lingerie campaign, we were so there for it.

Now a size 14, Lawrence looks completely unrecognisable thanks to an enormous amount of airbrushing.

 Taking to her Instagram account, the model posted the above photo to show exactly how much she was photoshopped and how she allowed the images to be 'perfected' in order to book more jobs and make herself happier.

'I might look different because I was a few dress sizes smaller but the main difference is... I'm HEAVILY retouched.'

'That smooth a$$ skin? Not mine - a computer programme did that. The full thick hair - extensions. Push up bra Waist + legs + arms slimmed with a photoshop tool.'

'And the WORST thing about it... I WANTED TO LOOK LIKE THIS!!!'

But now, it's completely the opposite for Lawrence. She will do anything for this to not happen ever again.

'Seeing retouched images of myself gave me even more insecurities and body image issues because I couldn't even look like or relate to the image of myself.'

'Perfect does NOT exist,'

'What's real is YOU, your imperfectly perfect self that's what makes you magical, unique and beautiful.'

Well said, Iskra. Well said! We couldn't agree more.

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Hump Day


Happy Hump Day from the amazing Eva and Tara



Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Model Fired for Being 'Too Bloated'

Working in the fashion industry, we know the pressures that models face. Unrealistic beauty and body standards, pushing models to reach impossible requirements, jeopardising their health just so they can land that one job. We hear it all the time.

But in recent years, the industry and the models themselves are starting to stand up for themselves.

Danish model Ulrikke Hoyer has taken to Facebook to call out the model bookers for the Louis Vuitton Kyoto show, that fired her for being too 'bloated'.

Explaining that she is more than used too the high expectations placed upon her being a model, she knows that these demands and expectations given to high fashion models are 'completely unattainable and directly damaging to the human body.'

Despite being a size 8/10, Hoyer already knew that she was considered 'big' compared to other models, who are unhealthily thin in order to stay within the industry and make a living.

Having already walked for Louis Vuitton for their SS17 show, she was shocked at how she was treated. 

In the post, Hoyer then went on to explain what happened when she was casted for the Kyoto show.

'Months before the show, Louis Vuitton had shown interest in using me and put in an option,' the model writes.

'23rd April comes along and I'm measured at my Danish agency and my hips are 92cm. Knowing the sizes of the clothes, the rigidity of the casters, we decide to tell the caster that I'm under the weather (yes, a little white lie) and can't come to Paris for the fitting on 25th of April and therefore can't do the show in Japan.'

'Alexia Cheval from Ashley Brokaw Casting asks my French agent if this is the truth and what we can do.'

'We decided to tell them the truth and LV insisted on flying me straight to Paris the next day. I went to the fitting (tried on a dress and a coat) and before I even got back into my own clothes they confirmed me to the show.'

Elated that she had been cast for the show despite not being at her 'skinniest', she went back to work to get back to her usual measurements.

The day before the show, Ulrikke measured her hips again and had lost 0.5cm. Feeling 'relieved' knowing that she was smaller than what she was when she was confirmed, she made her way to Japan.

'After a 23 hour journey I arrived in Tokyo Wednesday night,' the model continues.

'Thursday at 3:30pm I had my fitting. That day I ate a very small breakfast and had just water and tea before the fitting, because that's how we do it... I tried my dress and the coat which I was confirmed fitted in Paris.'

'I changed shoes and trousers a couple times (also very normal procedure as they want to find the best look).

'Afterwards I tried on a puffy dress with a semi bare back and then I was done.'

'Right after I had a call from my French agent who told me that I had a refitting the day after at 12am (my Danish agent tells me afterwards that Alexia had told my French agent that I needed to take this serious).'

'Later that night my French agent called me and told me that Alexia had said that there had been some problems during the fitting. According to her I had "a very bloated stomach", "bloated face", and urged me to starve myself with this statement, "Ulrikke needs to drink only water for the next 24 hours."

'I was shocked when I heard it. This was exactly what we have wanted to avoid when we tried to cancel because I was "bigger".'
Skipping dinner and decided to stay in the hotel for the evening, the next day she had the bare minimum at breakfast.

With her fitting rescheduled, at 7pm her agent called to tell her that LV had decided to fire her from the show. According to Ulrikke, her stomach, puffy face and back were enough to send her home.

'What should have been a truly amazing and unique experience ended up being a very humiliating experience. This is not about me being cancelled from a show - you win some and you lose some that's the game. But I cannot accept the normality in the behaviour of people like this.'

'They find pleasure in power over young girls and will go to the extreme to force an eating disorder on you.'

'I am aware that I'm a product, I can separate that but I have seen way too many girls who are sooo skinny that I don't even understand how they even walk or talk.'

'It's so obvious that these girls are in desperate need of help. It's funny how you can be 0.5 or 1cm "too big" but never 1-6cm "too small".'

Already received hundreds of comments criticising the agents and the industry as a whole, the post has been shared more than 700 times.


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Monday, 22 May 2017

The Real Cost of Beauty


Now, we all take pride in our appearance and care how we look to others - even those that admit they don't, secretly they must care a little. We'll do almost anything to make ourselves beautiful in order to get that perfect selfie; there's no denying, we're a pretty vain nation. 

According to a study by comparison site, which looked into the spending habits and beauty regimes of people in 30 cities across the UK, they found that the average Brit spends £4,454 on gym memberships, haircuts, clothes, make-up and beauty treatements a year. That's a whole lot of money.

So, who spends the most money and on what?

The vainest city, might come as a surprise. It's not the capital, like we expected. In actual fact it's Leeds, where inhabitants spend a whopping £7,000 on themselves per year. And what do they spend the most on? Teeth whitening services and dermatologists. You'll be able to spot them, by their soft skin and bright teeth then.

 And the modest city...Aberdeen, where the average is a decent £2,710. Spending just £106 per year on gym memberships, compared to London's £601, and having the lowest hair budget at just £338, Aberdeen is the place to go if you're looking to save a few bob.

As for London. We spend on average £572 on clothes, £840 on teeth whitening and a hefty £860 on skincare. It's safe to say, appearances are definitely everything.

Not just looking at our spending habits, the survey also looked at how self-conscious we are. Across the UK, 70% of us consider ourselves "beauty conscious", and almost half said they wouldn't post a picture to social media if they hadn't made themselves look good first or apply a filter.

 We're spending more and more of our hard earned money on things that we don't necessarily need, but because of the pressures places upon us in society, we just have to do this.

Could we half our spending? Most definitetly! 

Why not try saving that money for that dream holiday or just for a rainy day. After reading this, we are definitely going to try our best to put our money towards something more worth it.

Vegan Footwear


It's no secret that quite a lot of people within the UK and maybe the world have decided to go vegan. It's all we ever hear about. Vegan this, vegan that. Vegan's will go to extreme lengths to live a animal free life, including in their choice of clothing.

It might seem difficult at just the thought of knowing what to wear when it comes to vegan clothing, but on London based company has done the impossible and created a range of footwear made from the by-products of the pineapple industry.

Bourgeois Boheme, founded by Alicia Lai, the new Pinatex range is a "natural and sustainable, non-woven textile made from pineapple leaf fibres." 

"These fibres are the by-product of the pineapple harvest and therefore require no extra land, water, fertilisers or pesticides at production stage."

Resembling a soft grainy leather, the range includex luxury styles that not only look good but are ethically sound too. What's not to love?

Possibly the price?

To have ethical shoes, it's going to set you back £129, while men's versions start at £180.

A hefty price, but if you're a committed vegan, then these are perfect for you!



Our models have always got their fit bags on hand to take to castings and fits

Toni H


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New Video


Have you watched our latest YouTube video featuring Leon over on our channel.... 




 Sneak peek in the changing room with Noush



Gentleman, are you ready to see what item you need to have within your wardrobe for this Summer... according to the Internet, that is.

Introducing the Male Romper...

Launched by ACED Design, a "group of business school friends who decided to try to bring something new to menswear," has gone and done just that with their latest design; the male romper aka the RompHim.

With style and ease, you can be the center of attention wherever you go; the market, tennis match, or at a friends BBQ. With Summer just around the corner, you really can pull out all the stops with this ensemble.

After launching a Kickstarter with a goal of $10,000, to help launch themselves into the fashion world, the masterminds behind the piece have already surpassed their goal and raised $126,511 with another 27 days to go.

 Available in red, blue and a splatter paint print with a special 4th July limited edition up for sale, there's a style to suit everyone. 

What about product features you say? Don't worry, they've got them down; pockets, adjustable waist tabs, zippered back pockets to keep your wallet safe, and most importantly for you gents, a zipper fly, making it easy to go pee. And all for £60, which is pretty good!

What more could you ask for?!

If it's good enough for Sean Connery in James Bond, then it's good enough for us.



Yesterday we saw a few familiar faces at the White Gallery bridal exhibition, including the beautiful Lara



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Today we're at the White Gallery scouting for bridal and showroom models




We're back with Mini Fit, Florrie! Have a watch of her tour around Brick Lane and our office.

Controversy for Chanel

Chanel have been pushing the boundaries within the industry for years. From their designs to the products they produce. Surfboards, beach paddles, tennis rackets and balls, ski's - they're not ones to stay within the box. But it seems with their latest accessory for SS17, people aren't having it whatsoever.

We give you, the Chanel boomerang. For a mere $1,930 you can have the best time throwing around the "ultimate useless status symbol."

And it hasn't been well received by the public to say the least. After make-up artist, Jeffree Star, posted to his Instagram, over 86,000 people liked the photo but it was the 2,300 comments that have got everyone talking.

So why the big controversy? Well the glamourisation of the boomerang isn't sitting well with those who identify themselves as Aboriginal Australians, who find the product offensive.

One user wrote that it "humiliates a whole culture."

"I am from Australia and I am offended that a company would make a joke out of something that was used as a weapon as survival."

"It is no better than the fake inauthentic Aboriginal art from Thailand... except this is much pricier. At $1,930, it costs nearly 10% of the average income of Indigenous Australians."

When the Guardian Australian spoke to Chanel, they said they were "extremely committed to respecting all cultures, and regrets that some may have felt offended."

Are these luxury sporting items really that necessary? Who are the type of people that has that much money spare to spend on over-the-top items? And more importantly what prompted them to buy them?

We're pretty sure, a standard boomerang from Sports Direct will do just fine and won't ben offended anyone any time soon.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Miss Universe GB

 Meet Muna Jama, the Muslim beauty queen from London who has won the right to take part in Miss Universe GB without having to wear a bikini.

Instead of having to bear all in a bikini, Jama will be able to compete in a kaftan at this year's Miss Universe after pushing the international pageant organisers to allow her to cover up.

After receiving a confirmation letter, two years ago, inviting her to take part in the UK's qualifier for Miss Universe, the beauty soon got cold feet about whether or not to go ahead because the swimsuit section goes against her religion.

 Knowing that she wouldn't be able to challenge the organisers or cover up, she withdrew from the competition.

Determined to try again, Jama decided to re-apply after making it through the UK finals, but this time she started campaigning the right to wear a kaftan.

"I wouldn't wear a bikini to the beach, so I'm not going to wear one in a competition to scorse points," said Jama.

After some negotiating with organisers, she was told that she could cover-up if she wanted to.

"These pageants are associated with beauty and modelling but over the years there has been a platform for other females using their platform differently," said Jama.

"It wasn't easy but I think it was the first time they have heard someone asking for it."

That just goes to show, that there's no harm in asking. If you don't ask, you don't get. And we're so here for Muna. All the best in the competition.

You go girl!



Another shot of Toni for Bamford



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Brick Lane


Just another typical day here on Brick Lane




Vogue Spain


We've FINALLY got our hands on our interview featured in the current issue of Vogue Spain