Thursday, 11 May 2017

Feathered Eyebrows

 Big, beautiful eyebrows have become a must-have both within the fashion and beauty world. Take Cara Delevinge for example. When she first came onto the scene with her bushy brows, the world was in awe. No longer did we have to hack at our brows to get them as thin as possible, now it was time to let them grow and make them as big as possible.

Women and girls now take their sweet damn time perfecting their brows with eyebrow kits, available from pretty much every beauty brand out there, so that their eyebrows really are on fleek.

The latest trend for our brows to take over insta is the feathered brow. Not to be confused with the technique made popular by celeb brow artist Kristie Streicher, where you taper your brows to make them look naturally thicker. The #FeatherBrow is exactly that. A technique designed to make it look like you have actual feathers on your face.

The 'trend' began when Finnish make-up artist Stella Sironen posted her slick back, parted down the middle, feathered brow.

So how exactly do you get the look? Well, all you need is either a Pritt stick or lipgloss to get the effect down.

Other Instagrammers and beauty bloggers alike have caught onto her creation and started showing off their versions. To say it's a look, is probably an understatement. Don't think we'll be trying it for a normal day in the office. Maybe in our spare time? Sunday Funday perhaps...

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