Friday, 5 May 2017

Forties is the new Twenties

As we find ourselves getting older and older, one thing that women find hard is knowing what to wear. You can no longer get away with wearing what's on trend once you hit a certain age. Or can you?

Just because you've hit 40, doesn't mean that you have to all of a sudden lose your sense of style. You can still keep up with what's trending and make age approriate dress statements. The key is to keep it simple and find a style that suits you and stick to it.

So, with that, we've put together a little do's and don'ts of how to dress when you hit 40...

Keep it simple and sophisticated - stick to a soft colour palette of greys, whites and black. If you want to brighten things up, then go for a statement blouse or 'fancy' top in a bold colour or print. 

Prints - if you must wear a print then keep it to the top half and stay away from any sort of animal print. And we mean leopard!

Super high heels are a complete and utter no no. You're no longer 19 and can confidently sashay your way around town. The heels you want to be wearing are midi or four inch. These types of heels are so on trend and pretty much everywhere! Guarenteed to find a style that suits you.

Do keep up with trends. You don't have to become obsessed and try everything out. Be aware of what's out there and if you have time, or start to make time, go out and try things on. Treat yourselves to something new every now and again. One trend that is an absolute must to try out is the current trend of shirts we're seeing. Oversized, deconstructed, embroided, there's a style for everyone.

Jeans - the looser, the better. Boyfriend jeans are the ones you need. They're not super tight, they're slightly baggy but still show off your shape. Wear casual with a simple tee paired with white trainers or dress them up with a glam top or white shirt with your fave heels and you're good to go.

Workwear - you can't really go wrong here. Stick to midi dresses or skirt with a crisp white or black shirt. Or if you're more daring and what to spice it up, go for culottes or wide leg trousers. These are the go-to items both for this season and past season. The wide leg provides comfort and adds a sense of effortlessness. 

Make-up - heavy make-up is a complete no no. Just take a look at the Real Housewives. They are the perfect example of wearing too much make-up and looking awful. It just looks like you're trying to hold onto your youth. However, one thing we will say is that a subtle smoky eye is always good, especially for nights out. 

Key items - there are just some items you need in your wardrobe and these are them... blue jeans, classic white shirt, a blazer, white trainers - either converse or Stan Smith's, a scarf and a decent coat.

Lengths - keep dresses and skirts to a midi length. There's nothing worse than seeing a woman over 35 in a mini skirt/dress - unless you're Elle Macpherson. This might seem harsh, but the truth hurts. As for shorts, go for the loose fit.

Inspiration - to get some style inspo take a look at celebs Eva Longoria, Jenna Lyons, Kylie, Julianne Moore, Kate Hudson, Victoria Beckham, Robin Wright and Amy Adams. Their casual off-duty style mainly consists of baggy, loose jeans paired with a simple tee and a pair of sandals or trainers. As for their glam, they do all out but still manage to keep it age appropriate.

And that's basically it! All you need to know. We've said it before and we'll say it again, the key is to keep things simple but don't be afraid to try something bold. Stick to shops such as Zara, Cos, Reiss and Mango. You don't need to be setting foot in Topshop, Primark or New Look, unless you're with your daughter that is.

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